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My Method

I am to get you to move better and unleash your potential.

I am passionate about showing you that exercise isn’t a chore. I will show you how to make exercise fun, and you will see how it can fit into your busy lifestyle.

My core belief is that by working on mind and body we can create a rewarding and stimulating programme, bespoke to you.

Through consistency, enjoyment and variety, a balance is met and goals will be achieved.

What I need from you: Commitment, Hard work, and a willingness to want to learn how to make small changes. Oh and bring a sense of humour and a readiness to laugh and play.


About Me

Hi. I’m Katie & I am a wellbeing coach. Through the Total Wellbeing Coaching Programme I take clients through their own bespoke programme to help them reignite their fitness, nutrition and total wellbeing. 

My philosophy is simple.

Train for Life. Great health is available to all, but the change you’re after, can’t happen unless you make a change. By following the principles in the Total Wellbeing Coaching programme you’re be back on your way to living a full life. Life is for Living, and I bet you want to live a long healthy life, full of joy, fun, smiles and adventure. I know I do.

My programme is simple too.

It’s geared to your personal needs. and yes there is hard work, yes i’ll be expecting you to be committed, turn up and do the homework, but it’s a programme that I guide you through, step by step. It’s doable & it’s something you can live by.

My Approach

I believe everyone can lead a healthy and happy life. The programme isn’t about ‘being on a diet’ or calorie counting. This is about understanding your behaviour and repeated habits, acknowledging what’s been holding you back in the past and learning new strategies to break free. This is about believing there’s a life to live for and not to be stuck in a cycle of diets, yo yo weight loss/gain, lack of self esteem and sadness. This isn’t counselling but coaching. We’re moving forward and together we build your action plan. You will learn to reignite that love for movement, food, and yourself.

I’m a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor & Certified Nutrition & Wellbeing Coach. The programme is therefore taking you through your own movement, nutrition and wellbeing needs. You’ll finish the programme with your own health and wellbeing blueprint.

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