What is your post birth plan?
You’ve written your birth plan but what happens next? You’ve come back from hospital (if you were at hospital) and
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Integrative Fitness & Wellbeing? Say what now?
Do you look at your fitness & wellbeing as an integrative methodology? ey? Ha? You might already subconsciously be doing
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Why keep a food journal?
Do you journal? Have you ever kept a food diary? Everyone on my wellbeing coaching programme will be asked to
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Linking Movement & Mood
For those that already embrace exercise they’re already saying that they exercise to feel good, and they understand the connection
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Exercise, Emotional Eaters and Pregnancy.
You’ve a history of disordered eating, or low self-esteem. And now you find yourself pregnant. There’s a running commentary from
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Pregnancy – A spiritual journey or a pain in the butt?
Apparently being pregnant, is the most exciting time, the most beautiful time, the happiest of times. Apparently being pregnant, means
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