“I have never been someone who enjoyed exercise (I definitely wasn’t in the sporty set at school) but after working out with Katie for the last 18 months I now find myself looking forward to each session because I get so much out of them.  Her passion for exercise and fitness has inspired me to think how I can fit more in during the week.  I have a busy work-life so this isn’t always easy but Katie never makes me feel guilty and always comes up with new ideas to help.

Katie creates a personalised session for me each week with lots of variety including mobility drills, aerobic, core and strength work – she has even got me lifting weights and enjoying it.  Every few weeks we do a quick fitness test which is a great way for me to see how I’m progressing.  Katie understands what motivates me and gives me unwavering encouragement throughout.  When I want to give up, she helps me to find the extra drive I need to keep going – now even on a cold, wet winter’s morning you’ll find me ready and raring to go!”

~ Emma T ~


“Katie took time to understand my reasons for wanting to improve my health and we regularly discuss my progress towards my goals. It has been so reassuring to know that she understands what I want to achieve and has taken the time to design an approach that will work for me. The sessions are always well-planned and varied with a focus on form, balance and strength. Katie motivates me to work hard during our sessions and has also helped me recognise that I am responsible for improving my own health and fitness. 

I really appreciate the fact that Katie always tries to find the fun in fitness and her enthusiasm for jumping on trees is infectious! This is not something that comes naturally to me so she has focused on building my confidence and helping me find ways to incorporate physical activity into my daily routine. As a result, I can often hear her mantra of ‘move every day’ in my head when trying to decide whether to take the bus or walk! 

Since I started working with Katie I have lost weight,  I feel stronger and I have more energy. Even better, I am more likely to choose the more active option which I know will help me to continue to improve and maintain my health in the future.”

~ Fay L ~