Wellbeing Coaching

Redefine the way you think about exercise and yourself. 

  • You’ve tried every diet, you’ve started numerous plans, and you feel nothing works for you.
  • Or maybe you are so stressed and overwhelmed, you simply don’t know where to start, you find the whole process of ‘getting fit and healthy’ daunting and too scary. It’s safer to stay put. 
  • Or maybe you know that what is holding you back is your relationship with food, the overeating, binge eating, the disordered patterns of behaviour, the anxiety & the vicious cycle of emotional eating has kept you back and you don’t know how to break it.

Training with me, offers you more than just me dolling out a sweaty session. Recognising the connection of mind and body is essential in this this busy fast-paced world we live in. Understanding mental health, hormonal imbalances and lifestyle challenges together we can bring about positive changes to your mind and body. Wellbeing Coaching will unlock your potential allowing you to make your own positive choices.  Change isn’t easy but working with me will help break down the big leaps into manageable steps.

Conventional and mainstream thinking about diets and exercise don’t work; you’ve tried them. If you don’t understand you, you’ll never be able to make the necessary change. Yes coaching can be hard work, because it’s exploring you, & yes it’s ‘safer’ and easier to stay put, but then you won’t get the change you’re after, and reach the levels of happiness you want to reach. 

I have clients that started on exercise programmes, adamant they had it all together in the other areas, but they soon realised that coaching was as important, if not more important than the exercise programme. You can exercise all you want, if you don’t like yourself, or movement, or know why you are self sabotaging, you’ll never be truly happy. 

WELLBEING COACHING cuts through the crap, it’s not a sob story.

Coaching isn’t counselling. You have to want this. You have to have said enough is enough and want to make the necessary changes. There’s a process, an exploration, a structure, there’s homework….

But ultimately, with WELLBEING COACH ….There are results. 


  • Are you stressed or overwhelmed by the process knowing previous plans didn’t work for you?
  • Feel you have too little energy & have lost your motivation? 
  • Feel that you’ve plateaued? You think you’re doing all the right things but nothing is working
  • Or quite simply you don’t think you have time, you’re struggling to balance family, work, social life, with no time for your own self care.

Then the WELLBEING COACHING programme is for you.

You want to feel great for life, you want to start enjoying life.  Start Training For Life


What is Wellbeing Coaching?

Wellbeing Coaching is the helping hand you’re after. It offers guidance and we work together, working through the situation & making you accountable. We look at the whole picture of total health encompassing all aspects of life. A true sense of wellbeing is more than just exercise and diet! (But that is a good place to start too)

Coaching is working together to set and meet your goals, be clearer in your own goals, help reframe aspirations, and look forward to what you want to acheive. Wellbeing coaching is a collaboration between coach and client aiming to inspire yourself to make the necessary changes in the areas of life that matter to you.

How does it work?

If you’re not sure if it’s for you, we can have a free phone call for 15 min or so to discuss further how it works.

The Wellbeing Coaching Programme will then start with an initial assessment session of around 75-90min. We will sit and talk, get to know each other, and start thinking about where you are at and where you want to be, with what right now is preventing you in doing so. At first you might think the problem is your exercise regime, but we will explore everything in time to highlight how total health is made up of more than one segment. That first session quickly illuminates the truth to which path the coaching should go down. Remember, Coaching isn’t me telling you want to do, demanding you follow a rigid plan; that’s exactly what doesn’t work. This will be working together to form strategies, and working out how we can bring about positive change over the course of the sessions and the homework in between. It will change your life, but you will need to open up, and work hard. Change doesn’t happened without change, but we work on small manageable steps that your lifestyle can work with. 

Wellbeing sessions can be booked independently or for most people it forms part of the Total Wellbeing Programme that incorporates Personal Training.

When can I start?

Are you ready to change? If the answer is YES then we can start immediately. We will set up a short phone conversation to start with to make sure you understand the process and that we get along. Then we will book in our set  of sessions.

How many sessions do I need?

That always depends on you. It’s your agenda and what is driving you. The Total Wellbeing Programme is 8 weeks. For those who want Wellbeing Coaching separate to Personal Training, then yes we can discuss options for 4 weekly sessions. We need time to reflect and make changes, during the time in-between sessions. It might be that we also work up to 12 sessions in some cases. 99% of people do not need to see me after 3 months. They have the tools to work independently. Further check ins are encouraged but the weekly work with me will no longer be needed. You’ll be strong enough & have the tools to work on your own.

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