Come Train With Me

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There are various ways to come train with me…choose a combination of:

Personal Training

“Katie creates a personalised session for me each week with lots of variety including mobility drills, aerobic, core and strength work – she has even got me lifting weights and enjoying it.  Every few weeks we do a quick fitness test which is a great way for me to see how I’m progressing.  Katie understands what motivates me and gives me unwavering encouragement throughout.  When I want to give up, she helps me to find the extra drive I need to keep going – now even on a cold, wet winter’s morning you’ll find me ready and raring to go!”  ~ Emma T ~ Tooting Common, London

Wellbeing Coaching

“Katie is absolutely amazing! I honestly cannot recommend her enough. She has helped me with both my fitness levels and my well-being. On days where I literally didn’t want to leave my bed she would take me on a stroll down by the beach – not many other personal trainers would do this. Katie is amazing at her job, but has also been a great friend throughout this process. The well-being sessions were so eye opening, she would help me understand why I didn’t want to do certain things, and would help me find a solution. I’d always come away from our well-being sessions with a smile and determined for the week ahead. I’m so glad I was able to meet Katie, and so thankful for the friendship we have built.”

Dani D ~ Brighton



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