I have never been someone who enjoyed exercise (I definitely wasn’t in the sporty set at school) but after working out with Katie for the last 18 months I now find myself looking forward to each session because I get so much out of them.  Her passion for exercise and fitness has inspired me to think how I can fit more in during the week.  I have a busy work-life so this isn’t always easy but Katie never makes me feel guilty and always comes up with new ideas to help.

Emma T, London

Training with me will offer you a bespoke training programme suited to your skill set, goals and interests. It will effectively combine:

  • High Intensity Training,
  • Resistant training & strength training,
  • Pilates, gymnastics and yoga inspired moves…
  • With an emphasis on movement, mobility & technique

How does it work?

  • Face to Face (for those in Brighton, UK area, a select few will be able to train with me using a private gym space)
  • Remote Training (using platform such as ZOOM to stay connected with me even though you’re not able to meet face to face)
  • Online Coaching (full programme delivered via an app with coaching calls/check in)

Most of my clients are my online coaching clients following a bespoke programme with 1:1 coaching calls focusing on nutrition and wellbeing. A lucky few will be able to have me train them face to face out of a semi private gym space in Brighton. Remote coaching saw a surge in popularity in recent years as is popular for clients who are going away/ travelling for work and want to keep their face to face aspect as well.

All clients will be onboarded to my APP where everything from fitness programmes, nutrition work, and your weekly checkins are all carried out through the app.

Everything is bespoke, so depending on your needs & goals we’ll devise a programme that works for you.

Whatever you chose, training with me is fun, varied and challenging depending on your level with a high focus on form, mobility and technique.

Whether you’re training for an event, wanting to improve your running or recovering from injury get in touch. I specialise in getting people into and back into fitness and am often referred to from physios who hand over their clients in need of safe training. Many come to me after having a baby and looking to regain strength and confidence in their bodies again as a mum to a little boy myself they know who to trust. If you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle and understand how to move, then get in touch.


  • Can I train with my partner or friend? Of course you can.
  • I hate exercise is it for me? YES. We’ll have a proper indepth consultation and decide together if a movement programme is for you or the wellbeing coaching is more suited. I specialise in getting people into fitness so don’t worry.
  • Do you do taster sessions? NO. We will have a consultation on the phone and work out if we are right for each other. There is high demand so commit and secure your spot.

How much is it? 

Clients pay monthly with price depending on whether we are meeting weekly, or more regularly, and whether it’s face to face or online.   

Clients that are on the Total Wellbeing Programme work on an 8 week framework. Read about Wellbeing Coaching and the 8 week programme here. 

If you’re unsure if PT is for you, please book in a call now for a free short consultation. 

All Personal Training Packages Include

  • A Bespoke Training Programme tailored just for you
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Support outside of sessions
  • Accountability and track across movement, nutrition and mindset.
  • Goal setting & review
  • A fun and renewed outlook on movement & nutrition.

There is often a waiting list for Personal Training face to face so get in touch today.

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