Personal Training

Training will effectively combine:

  • High Intensity Training,
  • Resistant training & strength training,
  • Pilates, gymnastics and yoga inspired moves…
  • With an emphasis on movement, mobility & technique

Why have a Personal Trainer?

Personal Training is a series of 1:1 training sessions, that offers you the full support, dedication and expertise to achieve the goals you’re after. There’s no hiding in a Personal Training session or standing at the back of the class. It is geared to be safe, supportive, challenging and fun and all with the aim to get you where you need to be.

People have to come to me to train for a particular event, lose weight, build muscle, regain strength or just start moving after having a baby or even because they have a ski Holiday coming up and they know they need to get fit. Whatever your reason for starting, get in touch today. I specialise in helping those who are new or getting back into fitness, so don’t be scared to email and ask.


  • 1:1 Personal Training
  • Couples Training
  • Small Group PT
  • Online Coaching
  • Corporate Classes

With Personal Training I either bring the equipment to you (and it’s an extensive list!) and we train outside in the nearby park, garden or your home, or we train in a gym and I have a couple of options in Brighton we can use. 


For new clients a block booking of 10 sessions is required so that we build up your strength together over a period of time, rather than sporadic sessions that will get you no where. (payment in advance) It also helps you to understand to commit to the process and get you excited about the sessions coming. 

Regular clients can opt for a monthly payment scheme with price depending on whether we are meeting weekly, or more regularly.  

Clients that are on the Total Wellbeing Programme work on an 8 week framework. Read about Wellbeing Coaching and the 8 week programme here. 

If you’re unsure if PT is for you, please book in a call now for a free short consultation. 

All Personal Training Packages Include

  •  A Bespoke Training Programme tailored just for you
  • Nutrition advice
  • Support outside of sessions
  • Fitness assessment and tracking of progress
  • Goal setting & review
  • Guaranteed fun. 

Personal Training is available across Brighton and Hove. I already train on Hove Park, Preston Park, Blakers Park, Hove Lawns and others. So please just get in touch. I also have access to gym space @FitnessHubPlus in Preston Park, for those wanting a gym environment.  We can also discuss at home, or at work. Contact me Now. I also coach clients online as well if face to face isn’t an option.

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