Habit Vs Intention

Talking about habits doesn’t sound like normal sexy marketing spiel

Focusing on talking about habits doesn’t sound snappy and fast fixes

But it is your daily behaviours and habits that are either keeping you on the path to your goals or derailing you at any minute.

So it’s a pretty good idea to understand how habits work!

How to make new good ones, and how to eradicate the ones that are pulling you back.

And are you working on HABITS or stating INTENTIONS (that then get ignored)

They say that humans are creatures of habit. 

But what is a habit?

What makes a habit a habit?

Is a habit simply an action that is repeated? 

Or is there more to it than that?

You know if you’ve got a strong behaviour you lean towards (positive or negative); you’re probably aware of the habit you want to add, develop or be rid of. On the whole, a habit is certainly action/behaviour you perform without even realising it.

Almost an unconscious thought

There’s no should i or shouldn’t I debate

It’s seamless and natural. 

What’s more, habits are free from intense emotion. THere’s not this overwhelming pull to it. Repetition breeds familiarity, and in time can remove that intense emotion (especially the negative emotion) from the activity; which if you think about it is pretty crucial since you want the behaviour to be repeated frequently and so it would be exhausting if intense emotion was attached to it all the time. 

And third, a habit needs to have context! There will be environmental and situational factors that are associated with the behaviour; whether that’s where you are, who you’re with, what time, they can all combine to cue a certain specific behaviour. 

Once we understand what a habit is you can start to construct the positive ones you are keen to adopt and work to remove the ones that are draining you. 

The key thing to recognise at first is that no habit is created overnight. Start looking at your behaviours, the little actions you do each day and ask yourself if you’re on the right path?

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