Who am i?

Movement for me is a way of life and is essential to my mental health as well as physical. Moving my body will always be the number one thing I can’t live without to keep me happy and sane. It’s been my saving grace in dark times, but also i’m just a big child, who can’t keep still and likes to play and experiment.  I’m a movement and mobility geek, simply wanting to get more people moving, more. Simple. 

I started dancing at 3 years of age (and still dance to this day) but have come a long way since then. As an adult I rediscovered running, ran marathons, joined military bootcamps, Crossfit, any class going. I learnt and love to lift weights, developing my knowledge in this areas as well as exploring yoga and Pilates before eventually training as an Instructor.  So you can see it’s an ever developing mix of movement disciplines that I enjoy.  Throw in some handstands and I’m a happy lady. 

I specialise in getting people into, or back into looking after themselves.  There are those who can’t remember the last time they did any exercise, or felt good about themselves, or those who since having children have forgotten to prioritise their health. I train people who are already strong and know what a deadlift is, but are struggling with other areas in their health, and I train people who are brand new, but are willing to learn, jump on it, and start the journey. I’ve had people come to me who use to go to Crossfit, and i’ve had people who in their words, ‘haven’t done a burpee in 20 years’. I will help you reconnect to your body, and with me you will learn to love to move. 

Nutrition or Exercise? For me, movement did come first. But of course adequate nutrition plays more than a vital role, as does many other aspects that make up the wellbeing wheel. It’s my attention to detail about your whole health and vitality, that led me to launch the Total Wellbeing Programme.

Although I was always exercising, something was still missing, I still wasn’t happy with me, I wasn’t satisfied, & I still didn’t like the way I looked. I continued doing the only thing I knew, which was to exercise more. I was tired, and fatigued all the time, I therefore got ill all the time, which led me more suffering. It was time to change. 

Sometimes just offering PT isn’t enough. After years of experimenting on myself, messing up, following the wrong course, I have found a way of eating that works for me. I have and still do work on tools that enable me to actually train less, be more relaxed, less stressed, be more appreciative of what I have. It’s that learning to understand who you are, how you operate within your own life, and learning to truly use nutrition & mindset to support you, that I guide my clients through.

I’ve been there, and I don’t have it always figured out. But I want my clients to be curious human beings, to become their own body and health detectives; this isn’t about following a meal plan, and being told what to eat and when to train, it’s about learning from within, what’s right for you. I’m always learning about new things in this industry. This doesn’t mean following every fad! As I said, it means being curious, wanting to explore what works for you, and ultimately taking charge of your own health. 

For those on the Total Wellbeing Programme, they get the full insight into how to be their healthiest version of themselves. It truly operates on a 360 degree approach to health and fitness, covering whatever is needed from Nutrition Coaching to confidence and self esteem issues and our eating behaviours and so much more! Visit the ‘Total Wellbeing Programme’ page to find out more. Most people come to me saying they want a Personal Trainer and don’t need anything else, they say they have it all covered. They soon realise that having the Wellbeing Coaching is a vital part of their journey to living a healthy life, without rules, diets and restriction. 

It’s my passion to help, educate and empower others to lead healthier and happier lives, inside and out, mind and body.  The scary part is emailing me. The rest is fun.