Nourish 1.0 – Applications open.

Give yourself the care & attention your mind & body deserves & join the Total Wellbeing Programme. 

  1. Yes to having energy!
  2. Yes to less stress!
  3. Yes to having food freedom!
  4. Yes to feeling like you!

Nourish 1.0 is the 8 week Total Wellbeing Programme to change your life. It’s a unique programme combining the physical and mindset coaching, learning to find joy in movement, finding joy in food and having food freedom & learning to love life & yourself.

All of my skills, experience and expertise are put together for you in Nourish 1.0. We will be looking deep into your current state & culminating in practical tools for you to make life long changes so you can lead your healthiest and happiest life.

Applications for Nourish 1.0 are open now for the next intake of women for April 2019. Spaces are limited so you need to act fast. I only take on a few committed individuals.


  • 8 weeks of 1:1 Coaching
  • Your own physical exercise plan ( or 1:1 coaching if local)
  • Downloadable resources, worksheets, videos and modules for you to work through at your own pace.
  • Your nutrition guide
  • Closed Facebook group community to share, learn and inspire.
  • Weekly emails of support and encouragement to answer additional questions that have come up.
  • Free journal (worldwide)
  • UK only (extra FREE wellbeing gift)


It’s an INTERNATIONAL programme and available to those overseas. But for those in Brighton UK I also take on a few women who are local to me and they get to experience face2face coaching. Both options are fully supported however and both include 1:1 coaching. You’ll have access to a platform to download the resources, videos, and work through the various modules at your own pace as well.

No more guilt; No more excuses – It’s time to feel great, look great, live life.

I’ve been there. I’ve spent most of my life hating the way I looked, punishing my body through exercise regimes, using food as comfort, secret eating, hiding what I did. I was exhausted, tired, lived life in a fog, and I was ill all the time. I was tired of being tired.

There is another way. I’ve found it. I train less than ever. I am less stressed. I eat cake. I don’t deny any foods. I don’t diet. I will show you, that you too can get that control back; get control over your mind, body, your health. I can show you the way through the unique Total Wellbeing Programme, Nourish 1.0.


  • No Diets, NO removal of an entire food group, and NO you don’t have to be a vegan or never eat Cake.
  • NO pounding the gym everyday.
  • NO need to buy special equipment or products.
  • NO need to cancel your social calender!!!

This 8 week programme, will change your life.  You will learn more about yourself,  why you self sabotage, why you make excuses, why you are wasting life.


This is about your relationship with movement, food, and yourself. Whether it’s the movement, the food, stress, sleep of something else that is holding you back, we will explore it, develop it and work together to build a solution.

But I know nothing about exercise?

That’s the point. We explore your relationship to movement, your beliefs, your attitudes, your identity.  Whether you are a gym bunny or never heard of a deadlift or a burpee it doesn’t matter. It’s about movement. I will create a plan completely bespoke and based on your level! We will work together to get you where you need to be to understand movement, learn new skills and learn to love movement.

I’m curious to know your answers to these questions.

What does exercise mean to you?’  ‘How many minutes should a session be to make it count?’  ‘Does walking count?’ & ‘Do you need to sweat?’

But I have no control over food. 

We are all creatures of habit, and changing our behaviours is the hardest thing to do. We’ve all said, ‘yes i’ll start on Monday’, we get excited about the prospect that it might work next week and we’re excited because we’ve justified being a bit extreme the weekend before. Before Monday is over, we’ve eaten everything in sight, we think we’re a failure, a monster, no one else understands, how does everyone seemingly have it all together, we sink deeper. Wellbeing Coaching allows you to explore your relationship with food, understand your behaviours, habits, helps to shift your mindset, your perspective, as well as learning what is good nutrition for you, and you’ll take away your own nutrition plan.’

There’s no magic pill or easy answer, it takes work, but together you’ll start understanding who you are. You’ll learn to manage your stress, your priorities, your sleep. You’ll finish with motivation, knowledge, understanding, compassion for yourself all whist learning practical tools so that you can manage your time, your nutrition, your exercise regime. Your Life. As I always say…Train For Life.

Applications are open now for the NEW INTAKE of APRIL 2019. I only work with a few committed people so act fast, and act now. So apply today and receive your free complimentary consultation.